About us

We are company Betatrans

Georgian Italian company Beta was founded in 2004 by Georgian and Italian partners. Since its inception, the company's strategy has been to offer high quality services to customers with its own, constantly updated fleet. High quality and best service for us means minimizing risk of damage when transporting goods. For example: transportation without reset, cooperation with reputable brokerage firms, network of numerous warehouses, use of highly qualified personnel, etc.

Speed & professsionalism

The company is guided by very strict criteria when selecting staff. Each driver of Betatrans has at least 10 years of work experience in international shipping, all of them have undergone various trainings courses, including Dangerous Goods (ADR) shipping, and holds the relevant certificate. Management of Beta is staffed by people with extensive experience in the field of shipping, whose high qualification, case orientation and efficiency ensure the provision of high quality, reliable services.

Over 17 years of experience

Beta LTD is part of the Italian-Georgian business holding, has been operating on the market for 17 years, making it one of the oldest Georgian land carriers. 17 years of experience and lots of satisfied customers give us the incentive to deliver even more diverse and quality products to our old and new customers. For 17 years Betatrans has always been distinguished by high professionalism and the best reputation.

About our company Betatrans

The company has a constantly updated fleet, the company owns IVECO production vehicles, has its own garages: in Tbilisi, in the village. Near Martkopi, on the bypass road and in the village of Etseri, Terjola Municipality, in western Georgia. Betatrans was the first transport company in Georgia to fully switch to EURO 5 standards. All vehicles have all the permits and certificates required for international shipments, including the licenses and equipment required to transport Dangerous Goods (ADR).

Contact 24/7

When working with Betatrans, you will have direct contact with the manager responsible for your order who will be in constant contact, even during non-working hours..

Goods safety

Due to the fact that the company operates its own fleet, cargo is transported without reloading and intermediate warehouses. Accordingly, the possibility of damage or loss of cargo on the road is minimized. If desired, it is possible for our employee to view the goods and send pictures when loading with the sender.


By cooperating with our company you get the most flexible and comfortable service. Including possible difficulties in loading or unloading. For example if a car is declared at a shipment address where the shipping firm has a delay, we will be able to wait within a reasonable time without additional payment. Similarly, when unloading, we take into account the problems that arise during customs procedures, take into account the objective circumstances, and in the presence of such, we do not charge the cost of waiting for the car.


Since we ship the goods with our cars, according to our schedule, we can plan ahead and tell you exact transportation time.

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